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The ancient Bishop's Manor in Howden, home to the Press Association's Multimedia Training Centre, was recently host to a high profile celebration and awards ceremony marking the impact in the region of some of the most up-to-date technology training now available in the UK.

The event was organised to celebrate the achievements of the Yorkshire Forward ICT Vendor Skills Programme, a £2.8m investment that has helped to fund Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and digital media training for over 2000 people including hundreds of businesses across Yorkshire and Humber.

The Humber, York and North Yorkshire NTI (New Technology Institute) and Selby College, both key partners in the ICT Vendor Skills Programme, jointly led the event. Awards were presented for outstanding training achievements and team efforts to individuals and organisations from business, education and community work across Humber and North Yorkshire. Speakers at the event included Don Stewart, Director of People Development for Yorkshire Forward, Steven Brown, Managing Director of the Press Association (PA), Chris Kitchener, one of global digital media company Adobe's leading presenters in the UK, and Bill Walker, Head of the Humber York and North Yorkshire NTI. The evening also featured guided tours of the Press Association's editorial facilities.

Steven Brown of PA, opened the evening: "Here at the Press association, we are great believers in training. Over the last five years we've taken literally hundreds of journalism graduates from Universities in the area and provided them with essential further training to give them industry skills. We are committed to the highest quality of training and that is why we have invested, with the support of Yorkshire Forward, in a state of the art media facility here at Bishop's Manor. Howden is indeed an exciting place to be."

Don Stewart of Yorkshire Forward enlarged on the potential of the region; "Tonight is a celebration of individuals who have succeeded in developing their skills. Around 80,000 people in Yorkshire and Humber are employed in the Creative and Digital Industries and Yorkshire Forward has invested around £3million in training to build on that capability. Together, we've set the ball rolling. The ICT Vendor Skills Programme has proved how essential industry training is to individuals and employers."

Chris Kitchener of Adobe, a global brand in digital media and one of the key industry partners in the ICT Vendor Skills Programme, talked about Adobe's attitudes toward IT training and how raising awareness is essential; "At Adobe we are always aware that technology is not enough in its own right. When people invest in our products, training is the crucial part; the most powerful tools are no use if you don't understand how to use them well. This is an important message for businesses; both you and your employees benefit from training. You keep a competitive advantage and you retain and develop your talent. Training should be at the top of your budgets."

The event demonstrated the level of awareness that has already been raised by the Yorkshire Forward ICT Vendor Skills Programme about the value of industry approved IT training in today's career and business market. Bill Walker, head of Humber York and North Yorkshire NTI closed the evening; "This is all about the individuals who have carried out training and the individuals who have taken training; each and every one of them has their own small success story."

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Bev Foster - Yorkshire Forward

Chris Kitchener - Adobe


David Sowden - Selby College

Simon Couth - ECM

Bill Walker - nti

Don Stewart - Yorkshire Forward

Steven Brown - The Press Association


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